Yes, I am very depressed right now, but, even moreso, I’m ANGRY. I’ve lived a while, and, despite the shit-circus that politics has ALWAYS been, I’ve never been ANGRY about it.

I wasn’t angry when Bush Sr. started a war. I wasn’t angry when Dubya was… DUBYA. I wasn’t angry 8 years ago when every white suburbanite claimed racism was “over” because they put a Black man in the White House. I’m angry NOW. White America has just voted with their HATRED and put Trump in the White House. I guess racism is “back” and bigger than ever, then, HUH?! AND sexism! AND homophobia! YOU voted him in because he “tells it like it is”, which means he was saying what YOU wanted to hear, which is, basically, “no women, no person of color/ethnicity, no one of the LGBTQetc persuasion, no person in a low income situation is WORTH considering a human being with rights. Only white, heterosexual males with money COUNT”.

This IS America. There’s no more pretending that the Anne Frank proxy of “people are basically good” applies anymore (if it ever truly DID!) There’s no more pretending that equality is a thing that’s on this country’s agenda. I’m a card-carrying misanthrope, and even I believed (ONCE) that this was a decent country full of decent people. Y’know – DEEP DOWN. I made jokes. Of course I joked about it, I’m just a half-assed hack cartoonist, what did I know?!  We ALL joked about his campaign, because we knew in our heart of hearts that no nation with functional eyes, ears and 3 collective braincells to rub together would elect this mutant circus clown to the Highest Office in the Land… Once again, the Powers That Be delight in stomping on what little hope and optimism I am able to conjure and shoving the trashed remains down my fucking throat.

Good Night, O Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, wherever you are. You had a decent enough run. We, the weary survivors, will think fondly of you in memoriam. And good luck, “real Americans” who voted for that… THING, as well as the dumbshit hipster ‘idealists’ who refused to vote as some sort of bullshit “protest” or “message”. You claim to hate the guy and what he stands for, but, you refused the alternative because you didn’t like her either, as she is “crooked”.

ALL POLITICIANS ARE CROOKED, MORONS!! . It seems that you’ve forgotten the very stereotypes and judgy opinions that you once held dear – to wit: the “One Percenter” philosophy. I assure you, even as we are all burning, I WILL point and laugh at you ‘Salt of the Earth’, down-home types who voted for this asshole, thinking that this piss-poor excuse for a cartoon villain and all his BILLIONS of dollars gives a FUCK about you and your middle-to-lower-middle class problems and opinions, WHITE as they may be. Maybe some of you should have Occupied COMMON BLOODY SENSE and worried less about sending some bullshit message.

A lot of folks across The great an powerful fucking Internet are trying their best to look on the bright side. That’s never been my forte’, but, hey, I’ll try anything once.

-“At least it wasn’t a landslide victory, speaking in percentages, anyway.” Or, how about “we have, after a fashion, achieved equality, as, we are now ALL well & truly fucked, right proper”? No? Well, the best I can think of is that, “realistically, he may turn out to be what we all believe him to be – an empty blowhard who talks a lot of shit, but won’t actually DO anything (including anything dangerously stupid) for the next 4 years”. Or, even, “he may become an ID4 level threat to the entire planet, forcing us ALL to band together against a common worldwide enemy to defeat him, thereby creating true unity and making us STOP FUCKING HATING ON EACH OTHER FOR THE TINIEST, PETTYEST LITTLE DIFFERENCES IN APPEARANCE, LIFESTYLE, POLITICAL AND PERSONAL PROCLIVITIES AND LIVE TOGETHER IN PEACE LIKE WE’RE FUCKING SUPPOSED TO!