Hey everyone who’s watching! Shelterville Shuffle is almost done. It only took a year and 3/4ths! One would think that with one project coming to an end that Your Humble Cartoonist would have one less thing to worry about, BUT– Not so.

I recently set up a separate website for the Misfits of Mischief. Henceforth, everything involving THEM will be on that site.

There’s still WAY too many half-assed comic projects that I have started here on this site. Hopefully in the coming year I can make time to progress in a few of them and maybe even finish one or two. I have, for the first time in a decade remembered and participated in 24 Hour Comic Day, and I will begin posting (what I have of) it someday soon.

I’m still scattered, but, in the coming year, I resolve to resolve that.