Eugenio Diaz, 23

Sundevil has the uncanny ability to project a mix of hard light and malleable plasmatic matter from his body with a thought. Having grown up on Ocean City, California’s rougher East Side has made him very tough, but, he has a very bohemian air to his personality. Eugenio spends his free time as a projectionist in midtown’s Black Tower art house movie theatre. His powers manifested in his last year of high school, just about the time he came out of the closet.

Needless to say, he became a target for the local bullies and wannabe gang members. Instead of trying to hide his abilities, he embraced them, and struck back. Only using his abilities for self defense kept him out of a LOT of the potential trouble he could have caused himself. He got into an altercation with one of his school’s most prominent trouble makers: Jordan Sanchez, the high school’s star quarterback and unabashed homophobes. Eugenio fought him to a standstill, and only used his powers when Jordan pulled out a gun, aiming to kill him. Eugenio’s forcefield was strong, but none of the witnesses would come forward and report Jordan. His having sent their humble public school to a state championship in football meant that the faculty was loath to press charges against Jordan. Fortunately, many of the faculty and students were scared enough of metahumans in general to cross Eugenio, either.

Young Diaz finished high school and was itching to leave his small-minded neighborhood. He moved to midtown to be closer to his now full-time job. It was there that he really got his first glimpse of metahumanity and the way the world revolved around them.

The streets seemed infested with teenage metahuman gang members. The police were all but useless against their powers, and as they were mostly misguided, albeit destructive teenagers, the big time superheroes rarely gave them the time of day until and unless they really crossed the line – which the normal folks would, more often than not, catch the brunt of. He decided to do something about it. With his parents and Younger siblings having moved to Nevada at the end of his tenure in high school, he was on his own and had no one close at hand to worry about when he decided to be an actual superhero. He didn’t bother wearing a mask, and began calling himself “Sundevil”. He took on a lot of the crime in and around his midtown neighborhood, and travelled to wherever he was needed when grave emergencies popped up in Ocean City. It was one summer evening during the rampage of a group of villains calling themselves The Avian Assassins when Sundevil ran across the fledgling super-team called The StarBrats. Assisting them in taking down the bird-themed team of thugs, Neutrino, at the end of the adventure asked Sundevil to join her team. Without a second thought, he agreed, as he definitely needed people in his life his own age who could understand what he was going through as a metahuman. Before agreeing, he informed Neutrino of his sexuality to make sure there would be no tensions and that none of her people were homophobes. This was no problem. “Dude, this is California!”, she said, with a wry smile, and that was the end of that.

Sundevil’s powers make him, arguably, one of, if not THE most powerful member of the team. He is fiercely loyal to Neutrino, and slightly attracted to Firehazard. In his own mind, The StarBrats are his family now, moreso than his own blood kin, and the most important thing in his world. He would do anything for them.