Looks like Brahma’s not down for the count just yet.
This-here is the fun part about Brahma’s powerset. Sure, she’s superstrong and Amazonian. Sure, she’s pretty damned tough.
However, unlike a lot of superstrong superheroes, she isn’t invulnerable. She does, however, have a regeneration factor. She can heal smaller injuries faster than normal. Your fractures, cuts and small lacerations go away almost instantly. Larger ones that aren’t super-bad? Broken bones, smallish but deep wounds, in about an hour or 2.
Her most potent power, however is REGENERATION, and, whenever she gets damaged enough, her powers don’t just regenerate damaged areas of the body, they build her a brand-spankin’-new one! Always 6’8″, always buff and always with the same mystical tattoos, just with different looks. (Still hurts like hell, though.)

Don’t worry, she’s not Wolverine or Deadpool. She CAN die.