The news is upsetting to many – even in fictional universes. Speaking of fictional universes – as I said earlier, The Order Patrol show up in my other comic, S.C.A.R.R.ed For Life, which means, I guess, that Sick Of Superheroes takes place in that same universe, or, a close alternate. Well, the villain, WolfSpider, is from my more “serious” superhero comics. Sad that he just got his ass kicked by a trio of comedic parodies. There goes his rep.

Socks is angry. He looks up to his uncle, Stephen, and NOBODY disrespects him within Socks’ earshot. Not supervillains, and, especially ot mildly racist newscasters. Speaking of whom, perhaps she, herself is just angry that her announcer just called her by the wrong name ON AIR.
(NOT the first time that’s happened!)