Another of my little comic projects.
Mech Support is a space comic. (duh).
It takes place in a different reality than my older space comics. There was no war between the Kraivex and the Militak, though the planet Torbus-3 was still annexed by whatever galactic military will wind up appearing in this comic.
I am sort of trying to play this one by ear.

The main protagonist gent is named Kirby. That’s all I got thus far. I haven’t even decided whether or not that’s his first or last name. Just “KIRBY”.
His robot pal is “Stick”, and there’s another running around named “Toolbox”. He built them himself. They are, of course, based on Clark and Murdock from my previous comic project, Coping Mechanisms.

The Torbahn lass is named Hannah of Honthor. She, too, is from an older comic idea that never really went anywhere.

The malfunctioning bot is just one I made up for this joke. I have no idea where I’m going with this, but, WTF, I’m having fun.